Toy Solutions- and the art of photographing them


This is my second post- right on time! Thanks to my schedule. I have to say that planning those completely arbitrary dates out in advance has already helped me quite a bit. I didn’t spend the last two days obsessing over when to post next and how much to post in a week and on and on…. I tend to overthink things a lot. But this time not so much, all thanks to a minimal amount of planning beforehand. I’m usually much more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants spontaneous than a “planner”, but, you know, habits.

So I sense a theme coming on here- I spend a lot of time lately trying to get my life, and therefore my space, in some kind of order. Pictured above is my no-hassle solution for the many little toys that a one year old can accumulate! It’s a $30 Essential Elements shelf from Target. So affordable and functional. It was kind of a pain to put together, but thankfully my husband is much better at that kind of stuff than I am. Also- for being so low cost, it’s actually pretty sturdy. It can sit on the floor like I have it or mount to a wall. Gotta love the versatility. If anyone wants to use this idea for young childrens’ books or toys, just keep in mind the importance of baby-proofing, because this thing is a magnet for climbing.

So thats that, but of course the real hard part here was taking the photo- I took about 30 pictures of this shelf at different angles before deciding on this one. Overkill? I suppose this is the behind-the-scenes reality of blogging- the time put into making something look effortless. A lot of my interests lie in decor and interiors so I plan on playing around a bit with interior photography and learning more about angles, lighting, etc. But, everything in baby steps!



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