Business. For Dummies.



Yesterday I got a luxury I rarely get anymore- the freedom to go somewhere by myself. No pushing a stroller through New York City crowds, waiting for elevators in train stations, stopping to change a diaper… It was just me, myself and I. Unencumbered. And it was glorious.

Like all good introverts, I headed to a bookstore with a mission in mind. Barnes and Noble in Union Square, to be specific. The plan was to find a book to help get me started on the specifics of creating a business website. As usual, when you want to try something new, a ‘For Dummies’ book ends up coming through (I’m a lifelong fan!). So I took this attempt at an artful (?) photo and called it a day. If I had unlimited money, there was more I would have gotten, but this one seemed pretty all-encompassing to get me started on the first leg of the journey. In the next month or so, I plan to have a website up and running and maybe to transfer this blog there eventually. As with all good things, it’s a process. So for now, I have a new  (gigantic) ‘Dummies’ book to peruse over coffee and more and more piling up on my plate, it seems. But that’s okay, because this is also a lesson in taking everything in stride.

In the immediate future I think that this blog will be going in the direction of chronicling my first attempts to launch a business focused on design and organization (?). The plan is still rough, but it’s taking shape. Will this be a success or a failure? How do you define either one? Even a failure is a lesson learned.

So tune in and find out!


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