Inspiration Motivation


Let’s talk about inspiration, specifically the fact that I didn’t have any to write today. For a couple of days this blog post has been looming and I had no clue what to talk about. But, as of the first post, I have a schedule to stick to, so I don’t get the option of just not writing right now. See how that works? So, today while I was pushing my kid in the swing at the park, a burst of genius struck: why not write about lacking inspiration and pushing through anyway? Yeah I know, it’s not that brilliant and it’s definitely not original, but it’s where I’m at right now, and it’s all about the journey, remember?

So now is the time to thank the schedule and the plan, without which I wouldn’t be here, putting in the effort to reach my goal of getting this blog thing going. What does that look like? It means more than one person reading my posts (thank-you, person who read my last post! I haven’t told my mom about this blog yet, but soon it will be two, doubling my readership *wink wink*). It means contributing something of value to an audience: whether it’s design/organization ideas or just your opportunity as a reader to view my process literally from Day 1 and learn from the good and the bad of it, if this is something that interests you. Perhaps it’s just my sparking wit and brilliance with words that will captivate the audience (okay okay I’ll stop now).

How does someone go from getting an idea (and letting it germinate for a very long time) to creating a business? Well here’s one example, in the making, if I choose to stay the course. The takeaway is that achieving something big is a step by step, sometimes painstakingly slow process. You’re not always going to have creative, genius flashes of insight. Sometimes it will seem like the well has run dry, but you have to keep on keeping on. If anyone else out there other than myself needs this advice right now, take it, and remember that sometimes success is just showing up. We’ve all heard that before, but let the truth sink it and take your step towards success today! *I know it’s cheesy. Whatever.*




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