3 Baby Things I Couldn’t Have Lived Without

My son’s first birthday was Friday and his party was Saturday, so this past week has been a whirlwind of party planning and entertaining family who came from out of state to visit. I’ve spent much of this week reflecting on my son’s first year and how amazing it is that we all survived it- babies cannot be underestimated!

While there are so many important things that helped me get through my son’s first year: love, commitment, persistence, coffee, etc…. I decided to think of just 3 store-bought products that seriously saved my sanity. There were more than 3 to be sure, but if I had to choose only 3, here is what they would be:


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.20.49 PM.png

I just knew that my son would find motion as soothing as I do, which is why I put him in his swing for the first time when he was only 2 days old. He used it all the time until he was 7 months of age. The last time we used it was only 3 weeks ago when I was desperate to get him down for a nap. He’s was pushing the weight limit by this point, but it still did it’s old trick and got him to sleep. I think that the swing is pretty much done now, sadly, but we definitely got our money’s worth out of it. Now, if there is an identical product for adults out there, I need to know NOW! Thanks. I’ll do a blog post about how I incorporated it into my furniture scheme. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.38.06 PM.png

Here we are in our Moby Wrap when my son was about a month old. The Moby is lightweight and breathable during the summer months and we used it all the time when he just didn’t want me to put him down. We stopped using the Moby Wrap around 3 months because it stopped feeling comfortable and secure around then – he was 15 pounds. I would still highly recommend this wrap for very young infants, though, especially for anyone who has a newborn in the summer. We always felt comfortable, cool, and secure in our Moby Wrap. By the way, my favorite thing about this picture is his little baby eyes peeking out of the wrap! I can’t believe that less than a year ago, he was this small!


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.02.45 PM.png

Yes, I added this one because I know that it’s probably the most controversial baby thing out there, unfortunately. Since I like controversy, here ya go: I greatly appreciated baby formula during my son’s first year, although it didn’t start out that way. Like so many first time moms, when I was pregnant, I was adamant that I’d be exclusively breastfeeding and that not a single drop of the dreaded ‘F’ word would ever have to pass my child’s precious lips. Whatever- that lasted two days. Reasons were that I followed some bad advice and was not as prepared as I thought I was, so we ended up giving formula when I didn’t want to. Very early on, my son acquired a bottle preference that never really went away even after I developed enough of a milk supply to breastfeed exclusively. For most of his first year, we did a combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding. We kept this up until 10 months, when my son started using all 5 of his new teeth to bite me instead of nursing. My original plan was to still be nursing in some capacity, even after a year, but it was just not meant to be.

I recognize that there are some legitimate concerns about formula: for instance, companies haven’t always been ethical in the past, and formula has a ridiculously high cost. While I think those are big problems that need to be addressed, overall, formula is a major reason why infant mortality rates are so low in nations where it is readily available. It saves lives and we absolutely need infant formula where breast milk isn’t available. So, I can’t get on board with those who knock formula. I had a wonderful experience breastfeeding, as well, but that doesn’t people excited in quite the same way as praising formula does, so here’s my nod to the yellow powder that helped keep me sane and my baby fed.

So that’s all for now. I’ll be trying to keep things more design-focused in my next post, but things have been getting crazy in my life and sometimes I just have to write what I feel!




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