Interior Design Review: Planner5d

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Hey everyone – as promised in my last post, I’m beginning to review sites that have free interior design software. So, last night I created an account at and used their software to try to recreate my own living room as it is right now. Spoiler alert: what is pictured above looks nothing like my living room!

It wasn’t too hard to start to figure out how to use the feature. Right away, it automatically started me with a square room template that I reshaped slightly to give the bay window that my living room has. Then, I tried to find something that looks similar to my actual wood floor. I was really impressed with the wide selection of different floors that were offered.

My next step was to add the windows and doors to the room. The free selection of available windows was decent, but there was way more if you wanted to unlock by buying upgrades to the free software. Upgrade prices are $9.99 for 30 days full access, $19.99 for a year full access and $29.99 for unlimited full access. Since I’m sticking to the free (for now), I used what was available under that.They also had a decent selection of free furniture, as well. I found it to be easy to change the color of the furniture, but I did have trouble changing the color of some of the objects, such as the doors. I’m not sure why.

The most annoying thing about the software was that it appeared I couldn’t rotate anything (reason why furniture is sticking out in random places in the photo and my blinds are perpendicular to my windows). There appeared to be a rotator tool, but whenever I clicked on it, it didn’t work. That kind of ruined the entire look, since now I have blinds and furniture facing the wrong way in my project. Another issue was that I couldn’t find out where to change the wall color. I do not have white and off-white striped walls. My walls are solid white, but I couldn’t find where to change that. There also wasn’t a very good selection of rugs, so I chose this rug that looks nothing like my actual rug and I couldn’t seem to change the color or patterns of it.

There was also a place to enter in the measurements of anything you put in the room. So, you could make sure that all your windows, doors and furniture are sized exactly as they are in real life. While I think that’s great, there didn’t appear to be a way to convert the measurements from centimeters to inches. I personally visualize and remember everything better when it’s in feet and inches, so having the option to convert would be an additional benefit. I know, it’s an American thing, but having to think in meters is like thinking in a second language.

I did like that it offered you a 3D as well as a flat view. You could take photos in either mode and the photos do a great job of helping you to actually visualize the room.

Overall, there were a lot of impressive features. For instance, you could even place light switches and sockets, so there definitely wasn’t a lack of detail in this program. Also, it seemed inconsistent in terms of offerings: great flooring choices, but hardly anything for windows or rugs. However, being unable to rotate furniture and objects was really what made me think I probably wouldn’t use this software again. Like I said, they had the tool for it, but it wouldn’t work when I clicked on it, so maybe it was me? Or maybe it was something wrong with their program? I don’t know. There was a lot of positive, so I might use it again in the future.

The site features great photographs and interior inspiration, in addition to their interior design tool, so I do think that it is a great resource to help anyone interested in decor and design!



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    • kelleedesigns says:

      Yes, I would say that was the main issue for me. That always leaves the question open that maybe it just wasn’t interacting well with my browser or software, etc… So maybe someone else has a completely different experience from the tech angle.

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