Arbonne – 28 Day Challenge


I’m sort of on a self/life improvement kick, and it wouldn’t be complete without the focus on exercise and diet. I had already done some research looking into different 30ish day programs that eliminated “allergenic” foods from your diet. My good friend, Sammy (, remember?) is also a really knowledgeable Arbonne representative, and their program sounded good, so I decided to give it a try.

Although I’m not sure if our bodies need to “detox” or if it’s hype, I do believe that people have sensitivities to certain foods, particularly gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. So, I was interested in going without those foods for awhile and seeing how I felt, in addition to making sure that all of the meat I ate was organic, antibiotic and hormone free. There are also some restrictions on fruits you can eat- for instance, bananas, berries, lemons, limes, grapefruits and green apples are allowed. Most other fruits are not. There are no restrictions on vegetables.

This program consists of eliminating certain foods as well as adding specific Arbonne replacements to your diet. For instance, you have two of the protein (chocolate or vanilla) shakes a day, along with some fruits or vegetables, the Arbonne Daily Fiber Boost, Arbonne Digestion Plus and Arbonne Greens Balance products in the shakes. Let me just say that the shakes are absolutely delicious, no matter what you put in them. The protein powders, especially the vanilla, taste great. It doesn’t matter if my shakes have spinach or kale in them, they will still taste awesome with the protein powder, so that’s a big bonus.

Another Arbonne product is the fizz sticks for those of us who always need our caffeine fix in the morning. The taste took some getting used to, for me, but the energy boost with these is as big as what you get with coffee, so that’s pretty great. In addition, there is also a detox tea that I have been drinking in the evenings.

So far, my experience has been really good! I am only on Day 6, and the first few days were an absolute breeze. I was so excited to start the program that I didn’t have any cravings, but the past couple of days I have started to miss certain items from my diet. The weekends are always the most challenging with any new diet or eating program, so today was tough when I went to a diner and could only order a basic salad with grilled chicken. But, I can’t complain because the salad was good and I didn’t overeat like I sometimes do when I go out to restaurants on the weekend.

The main thing I miss is COFFEE. I have to have at least 2 cups a day and would say I’m (unfortunately) at the point where I feel like I can’t start my day without caffeine, so it’s nice to take some time to back away from that habit a little bit.

At the beginning of the program, I took my measurements and weight, so look out for an update when the challenge is over detailing if my body changed or if I feel significantly different. As of now, I don’t know if I feel different, but I also don’t think I’ve given it enough time to really notice. Then again, my sister said that it seems I have more energy this week, so this may definitely be the reason why!


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