Domain Name and Plans!

If you read my blog, you already know I’m trying to start a business that is interior design or decorating related. You also know that I’m trying to be as transparent as possible about the process of starting this business. You might be able to guess that my business plan isn’t very solid. So what do I have going for me? That’s the doubt that has been plaguing me for well over a week now. It’s been one week since my last blog post and this past week was really rough. There were a lot of things going on, but a consistent doubt has sort of been eating away at me. It doesn’t help that I’m feeling a financial crunch and wondering about whether I should go back to teaching or not for the time being.

BUT I believe that things have a way of turning around. The positive is that I got a (top secret!) domain name through Squarespace and am trying to figure out which template to use for the website. At first, I am planning to offer virtual design-a-room services where I can create a mood board for clients looking to get quick decorating tips without even having to meet face to face with a decorator. It’s a budget option for clients looking for someone to visualize a space for them and provide links to items they might like to purchase online. Say– you want to design your living room, but you don’t have the money to hire someone to come in and do a full consultation, order everything and put it together for you. Perhaps you need it done quickly and you don’t have the time or inclination to figure out what you need and where to place it. That’s where this service would be useful for many, such as young professionals and busy families. It’s about creating affordable options for customers who want a beautiful space, but don’t necessarily have a big budget.

I also think that selling some other home decor items would be a good avenue for me since I can see myself getting creative with decorative items- pillows, vases, etc…  So, that’s the loose collection of ideas I have right now to start myself off. Sometimes writing it all out makes you feel just a little bit better!


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