Side Hustling and Getting Ideas ;)

Hey – I got quite a few new followers recently on here– not sure why but I am super psyched about it. It’s reason enough to update my long-neglected blog that was started at the beginning of the summer with a ton of enthusiasm and a verrrrrry specific plan for its existence. Anyway, welcome new readers. Feel free to leave comments (comments are fun).

Life has kind of just been going on and I am still trying to narrow the focus of my interests or fit them all in one place, but I definitely haven’t abandoned the idea of home decoration since it’s something I really enjoy doing and some say I’m good at. In the meantime, I sell stuff on eBay, I tutor math, and I walk a friend’s dog. I like the fact that I am making money- my way. It’s not much, to be sure, but there is a sense of freedom and possibility to knowing that I can really throw myself into any one of those things (or something totally different) and use it to make ends meet eventually. It’s not at all as complicated as I thought it would be. Being a stay at home mom with no extended family around makes it difficult to plan a schedule right now so I am just enjoying being a mom and taking everything day by day, trying to remain professional and focused in my odd jobs and projects.

I want to buy this book soon, as it may help me out with my dilemma of having too many interests. Having tons of things you love makes it pretty hard to choose just one or two- it requires some soul searching, for sure. If anyone has read that book and has an opinion, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it. There are quite a few good books on the topic, though.

Another thing I’m really into right now: this girl! Her organization videos and tips are amazing and her videos are really fun to watch. I discovered her one day while I was sitting in my chair watching my son go through my the living room I had just cleaned like a tornado. It was ironic and cathartic all at once. :0

I plan on implementing a version of this idea to get my head on straight! My life isn’t that complicated but I feel like I might be able to use this to keep track of some of the ideas I have in my head. Maybe? I am a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl so I bought all of the materials for this before coming up with a way I would actually set up my board. Maybe a category for home projects, clothes I need to buy the kiddo, business ideas, social media (the bane of my existence). We’ll see. See why I need to watch organization videos? 😉

I plan on setting that up sometime this week when the little one is in bed, as it looks like it can get kind of involved with poster board and sticky notes everywhere (DESTRUCTION TIME!!!!! to a toddler).

I will update when I put that up!


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