Task Organizer!

IMG_1402.JPGThere it is! Pictured above- my task organizer that I look at to decide what needs to be done in my life. The black rectangles are where I didn’t want to share my goals with the internet, but you get the point in what the whole thing looks like. You basically divide a poster board into the categories that you want to focus on in your life. Some can be aspiration categories (meals, for me- since I don’t really like meal preparation) and others can be categories for things where you currently have a lot going on or a lot of thoughts swarming in your head about. Anyway, this whole thing only cost me about $3. I think I paid $1.99 for the poster board and $1 for different colored small sticky notes from Dollar Tree.

I’ll share with you guys an example of what I put in my “shopping/gifts” category that I use to remember what I want to buy, either for myself or others. The top two things are gifts that I want to get and the bottom is something I just want to purchase- a car safety kit to keep in my car. You know, like seat belt cutters, window breakers, etc… in case we find ourselves in a bad situation in the car. That’s something I have to do some research on to see what is out there and what the prices are for that type of thing, so this is my reminder to keep that on my mind. IMG_1399 2.JPG

One of my other favorite categories is the “Personal Goals” section. For me, the main thing right now is trying to work on waking up at 6:30. For some reason, getting up in the morning has always been so hard for me. Once I’m up, I’m up. But it’s getting out of bed that is so hard. 6:30 might seem early, but I’d love to be up before my son and have some peace and quiet in the morning. The last few days, I’ve been setting my alarm and getting up at 7:30, so I’m trying to slowly work my way down to 6:30am everyday. I also think that early risers are more successful (biased? Maybe), so that’s one reason to get into the habit!

“Fun Ideas” is another great category because it helps me to remember the things I want to do, but that are not necessarily on my mind on a daily basis. For instance, decorating for Halloween or making sure we buy tickets in advance to see Santa this year. That stuff always passes me by, but not this year. Because I’m organized. Sort of.

Anyway, this has been helpful for me and the fact that my brain never stops running through lists of things I have to do. So this works, especially if you’re visual and really like to see everything that’s on your to-do list in the immediate future. It isn’t necessarily stuff that you have to get done today though!

Okay- I hope that helps anyone else with a race-y brain like mine!  Just categorize and visualize all those thoughts and to-dos.



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