So much time, so many interests….

I’m crazy. Like, all over the place, all the time. Sigh. Remember when I wrote a somewhat whiny post a few months ago about making a music album and putting it online and no one had heard it (cue world’s smallest violin)??? Well, that shit was eating away at me.

So, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here, but I am currently focusing on music and writing a song with someone whose strengths and weaknesses seem to be complementary to mine. Here’s hoping that we actually make something of it. It isn’t like it’s out of left field, since I’ve been doing music, more or less, since I was 14. As much as I love design, music has always been the most compelling, so I know I have to get to a point where I’m somewhat satisfied with my accomplishments in that field. I guess it sounds like I never accomplish anything, ever. But that really isn’t the case. It just kind of goes in fits and starts and bits and pieces. And before I fully finish, I move to something else. I’m not sure if this trait is good or bad, or even if it’s productive to try to label it as either.

I was focusing on eBay, got a bunch of stuff listed and sold, then got bored out of my mind, even though I’m not done selling everything I need to sell. Focus is the issue. Even if I master time management, if my “energy” doesn’t fit in with what I am supposed to be doing at the time, then it just won’t work. The book “Renaissance Soul”, previously mentioned in this blog, is helping me list some strategies for dealing with these competing desires and needs. As promised, I do plan on writing a review of it soon. If you are following this blog, first of all, THANKS. And second of all, there is a good chance you have as much trouble with focus and multiple interests as I do. You’d almost have to, really. So, I think that would be a good sub-subject, if you will. Let’s talk about how to be productive when there is so much to focus on! So, until next time….


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